5 Years After Nirbhaya, Ravidas Camp Lives Under Shadow Of Worry

New Delhi: As the country remembers Nirbhaya on her fifth death anniversary today, Ravidas Camp, a shanty town colony in south Delhi, is having a hard time to shed the tag of the location coming from those who brutalised and killed the 23-year-old para-medical student.Nirbhaya was brutally gang-raped on the intervening night of December 16, 2012, in a moving bus in south Delhi. 4 of the 6 males convicted for the criminal offense resided in the shanty town colony.The citizens of Ravidas Camp lament that the world looks at them with suspicion and disgust. They state the constant media focus on the place has done them no excellent.”We want to remove that blot. Whenever we feel that we have actually carried on, something or the other advises us of that occurrence. The media makes frequent rounds to this location, be it for the December 16 incident or other factors,”states a homeowner who did not wish to be named.As this reporter went to the camp, lots of homeowners were initially unwilling to discuss

the eventful incident. Bihari Lal, president of Ravidas Camp Resident Welfare Association, stated,”Some individuals committed a criminal activity that day. What is our fault? Why are we paying the cost for exactly what they did? “He stated life has been difficult for the camp locals after the incident.”Individuals look at us from head

to toe when they come to know that we live in Ravidas Camp. It was challenging for

our people to get tasks after the event,”states Pyaare Lal, who had been remaining in the camp considering that 1990.” Media coverage about the camp has just contributed to our concerns,” he complained.The locals likewise declared that compared to other run-down neighborhood areas in the

vicinity, theirs was much cleaner as well as one with no alcohol vends.

“Ravidas Camp is cleaner than the majority of the surrounding shanty towns. There are no’thekas'(liquor vends )here and decent households remain here.

Our children have federal government jobs and desire to lead a reputable life, “says another resident.Mr Lal said they had likewise considered changing the name of the camp. “We will have a meeting with other RWA members about it. We do realise that it is a long procedure.

All our identity cards have this address. It is not a simple step, “he added