Ex HMP Birmingham prisoner exposes the best ways to survive first 24 hours in prison

A former inmate turned Samaritan has actually lifted the cover of the very first 24 hours at HMP Birmingham. Mo Khan, 46, from Birmingham, is a qualified’Listener’for the Samaritans at the Winson Green jail -providing an outlet for lags who desire somebody to talk to.He informed the Birmingham Mail what those sentenced to serve time at the prison can expect in their very first 24 hours.The G4S- run jail was at the centre of riots in December 2016, when inmates went on the rampage and caused countless pounds damage.

Winson Green prison riots consequences Since then mischief-makers have been left -however first-time transgressors are still in for a disrespectful awakening.Mr Khan stated: “It can take anything as much as 8 hours after sentence to be filled onto a prison van

and taken to Birmingham Prison. “Generally getting to around 6pm a rating of jail officers await your arrival.

“Some will check the van inside out consisting of underneath with mirrors.

“An officer orders you to stick your give out the van and you are handcuffed and frog-marched inside to be scheduled in.

“Another officer takes your information and rhetorically asks if you consent to what he has simply said.

“If you nod or shake your head, it is ignored till you state ‘Yes, sir!’, ‘Yes guv’ or ‘Yes, employer!!’ This is a subtle sign to let you understand that they supervise of your life now.”

Convicts are then locked into a 12ft by 12ft cubicle with other new or returning prisoners.Mr Khan stated:”

After taking fingerprints, individual details and dietary requirements you are photographed for your I.D card.

“A trusted prisoner then hands you a pair of jeans, 2 tee shirts, a sweatshirt, 2 underpants, a toothbrush, tooth paste, a single-use bar of soap and a disposable razor which in reality is anything but disposable.

“You then strip naked for a physical search and squat in front of 2 officers, one standing in front and one behind.

“You’re allowed to keep your wedding event ring and any spiritual antique.”

Riot police outside HMP Birmingham in December

Riot cops outside HMP Birmingham in December Newbies are then allowed a two-minute shower and a change into prison clothes or proper wear leaving out football strips or clothes with rude slogans.The detainee

is then handed his I.D cards with a jail number and a picture.

“This card will now function as the convict’s entire life because without it he can not book gos to, get shopping or gain access to the computer systems or make telephone call,” Mr Khan said.

A general medical checkup follows before the detainee is enabled his very first meal, typically a “breakfast pack” containing 7 teabags, 7 sachets of sugar and milk powder, a plastic teacup, plate, bowl, spoon, knife and fork.

“You’re then handed bed linen which is generally a foul-smelling dusty pillow, pillowcase, bed sheet and a green blanket.” stated Mr Khan.The convict is

then led through to his particular wing which all have nicknames.Read More Mr Khan

appropriately named’Beirut ‘since you never get any benefits on there.”Other wings are where you are kept up until proper evaluation which can take anything from 2-5 hours.”When a detainee is housed he’s offered an option of either a smoking pack or a phone card.” If you require both, then this is the very first of numerous tough options you’re going to have to make, “stated the Samaritan volunteer. “It’s just really once you’re in your cell and settled for the day that the cyclone of feelings strike you and its not likely you will sleep that first night.”Learn more Cell doors are “flung open”at 7am and brand-new detainees are considered induction-a one hour presentation

by jail officer about prison guidelines.”You can reserve a check out from a Samaritan or listeners who are detainees trained by the Samaritans.”A demand slip is

the only way to obtain anything done inside or you can log on to the computer system.

In fact this computer system will be your only genuine good friend inside.”