Roadshow: The best ways to prevent wrong-way motorists

Q: I think a research study about wrong-way chauffeurs has to be done. Are they entering on the exit-only ramps? If we understand exactly what they’re typically doing, possibly this could be prevented.Jeff-the-Motorist A: Studies have beendone however the risk persists. At least three deadly wrong-way crashes have occurred this month in Northern California, eliminating six people on Interstate 5 near Woodland, someone on I-5 near Redding and a single person on I-880 in Milpitas.Wrong-way crashes have reduced over the years, but there was a spike in deadly wrong-way collisions in the Sacramento

and San Diego areas 3 years ago. This led Caltrans to test additional indication and sensors to some offramps to signal the CHP when someone entered a freeway going the incorrect direction.Caltrans informed the Sacramento Bee that over a four-month duration in 2015 the sensing units went off 102 times. Fifty-six drivers were dropped in the CHP.Driving under the influence was an element 8 from 9 times. Most took place when a driver headed the wrong method from an off-ramp. And the vast bulk were late at night or in pre-dawn hours.This scary problem made me dig into the Roadshow archives from 2009. Q: Exactly what tactics do your experts at the CHP advise to prevent a driver going the incorrect way?Rich Deglin San Jose A: Hugo-the-CHP-Man all of a sudden dealt with a

wrong-way chauffeur on Interstate 80 near American Canyon Road.He missed out on the fast-approaching car,which moments later on knocked head-on into another motorist, putting that motorist into a coma for 6 months.Said Hugo:”Exactly what I did

to avoid the automobile was
to swerve

tothe. It was more of an instinct rather than training, however I did handle to prevent the head-on crash

. Many wrong-way chauffeurs go all the method to the right side of the highway, or the quick lane since they think it is the sluggish lane. Due to the fact that they are most likely impaired,

they do not wish to get stoppeded for speeding.”Keep away from the slow lane, too. It is much more secure to travel in the center lanes of the freeway at night due to the fact that there is more space to maneuver.”Another excellent suggestion is to have a car constantly in front of you at a good range. That motorist is another set of eyes that is essentially clearing your lane ahead of you.” Search for ahead and scan the highway.

You can quickly look ahead at least a quarter of a mile during light traffic. People have the tendency to look no further than a few hundred feet ahead of them.

This can show fatal sometimes. “Follow Gary Richards at mr.roadshow or contact him at [email protected]