Sia Goes Over Maddie Ziegler and Her Wellness


The lengthy Twitter posts remained in reaction to a semi-abrasive piece published by The Guardian.Discussing Sia’s contempt for fame, and yet predicting it on to dancer Maddie Ziegler, the short article concluded,” Furler herself may not be ready to wed popularity however basing on the stage in front of us, she seemed to be officiating another marriage. Not to a”perfect blank slate “however to a minor who is yet to discover, or tame, the monster.”


With their children, clients, charges. Maddie was currently famous when I discovered her, however I have actually definitely broadened her exposure and feel accountable for that. I feel very protective of her and my objective is to empower her in whatever options she makes. Some would argue a teenager

— sia (@Sia)

December 6, 2017 Can’t or shouldn’t be charged with making sound choices on their own therefore I do try to choose the very best for her always. I believe this is an important discussion!.?.!— sia(@Sia) December 6, 2017 What I discovered from Maddie is that fame affects her in a different way

than how it affected me. I can only rely on that she is telling me the reality. If that changes, we stop.– sia(@Sia)< a href= > December 6, 2017 Sia dealt with the post, and her reaction to it, perfectly. She brings up an exceptional point about young stars, and

the company they have in choices about their careers. As we might name off lots of celebs that obtained fame when they were young, however weren’t so fortunate as far as someone caring for their mental stability and wellness, Sia is dealing with the situation well. The vocalist has actually certainly discovered the best balance for her relationship with Ziegler, both as a friend and a 2nd mother in a sense.