< source data-srcset=https://i.kinja-img.com/gawker-media/image/upload/s--J8IR0Ynh--/c_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800/ddubcnejdzkagkhlynta.jpg media=-- small > Photo by ThoroughlyReviewed. The journey from absolutely no pull-ups to one pull-up is long, difficult, and may at times appear insurmountable. And after that once you get there, success is fleeting: every set you attempt consists of one meager rep. In any case, you're going to require some methods to bring that lofty workout down to earth. January's Fitness Obstacle: Get Onto That Pull-Up Bar Pull-ups are hard, however together, we can make them a little more possible. Invite to the Lifehacker ...< a href=https://vitals.lifehacker.com/january-s-fitness-challenge-grab-onto-that-pull-up-bar-1821717656 target =_ blank > Check out more Read Theexercises on this list are easier than a stringent pull-up, but they work some or all of the exact same muscles. Choose something that feels tough but doable, as well as if you don't make it to complete pull-ups by the end of our challenge, you'll a minimum of be better. We'll put these in a rough order from easiest to hardest, but feel

totally free to hop around the list depending upon exactly what feels most appropriate to you. Helped pull-ups with a device like the Gravitron ( above) that takes off as much weight as you like

  • Lat pulldowns, another health club maker. This is the very same movement as a pull-up, but you're seated so it's more about arms and less about your core and whatever else. You can likewise change the weight on these.
  • Inverted rows, an exercise you can do on a lower height bar. Set the bar of the smith device to whatever height you like, or do these on a suspension fitness instructor. Assisted pull-ups with a resistance band. You have to hang one of those big flexible bands from the bar so that you can put one foot or knee in it, and after that the band helps give you a boost as you bring up.