Method video: Ways to ride hairpins

Here’s our overview of handling the switchbacks quickly and securely

If you’re riding in the mountains this summertime you require to get your barrette technique dialled.

– Hands on the drops

This is your most stable riding position.

– Brake prior to the corner

Do your braking before you turn. You might periodically misjudge the corner or discover a barrette that’s so high and/or narrow that you can’t navigate (or can’t navigate without going onto the wrong side of the roadway) without braking in the corner too. They do exist. In these situations your braking have to be as smooth and as light as possible.

Pyractif 2013 - Day Two - Peyresourde Descent Corner (Photo - P Diprose)

– Modification gear Prior to you reach the corner, shift into the equipment you’ll need when you leave.

– Inner pedal at 12 o’clock

Have your inner pedal high to avoid grounding, and press your weight onto the outdoors pedal.

– Wide, pinnacle, wide

Go broad before the hairpin, cut into the pinnacle, then go large again as you leave. This enables you to carry more speed through the corner.

Plainly, you need to be really mindful when changing your position in the road and we’re not recommending that you head onto the wrong side of the roadway unless you understand it’s safe and acceptable.

– Spot your exit

Look where you want to go.Mat has

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