Chocolate Hummus Is Much Better Than Cookie Dough– Here’s The best ways to Make it in the house

Not going to lie, when I first heard chocolate hummus was a brand-new thing, I couldn’t decide whether it was genius or downright unusual. Now that I have actually made it, the decision remains in: chocolate hummus is smooth, chocolaty, and definitely dazzling. I imply, this dessert spread pleased my chocolate craving, and it’s packed with protein (it’s made with chickpeas). Exactly what’s not to love?It doesn’t injure that chocolate hummus looks gorgeous when served in a bowl with a drizzle of pure maple syrup, and cleaned with cocoa powder and flaky salt. The tahini found in edible cookie dough trend or much like licking brownie batter from the bowl, you’ll enjoy this. It’s a better-for-you dessert that’s so simple to whip up. Chocolate hummus, we’ll be friends permanently.