Ways To Recycle Candle Light Jars

I like candles, and I particularly enjoy candles that are available in stunning containers, because they smell and look lovely. This leads to a particular quandary: exactly what do you do with the container the candle came in once the candle is gone? It appears like a pity to throw them away, but what are you going to finish with a little constellation of empty containers? We have actually got some concepts.

Trying to determine ways to remove those last traces of wax? Into the Gloss, which has actually featured a lot of ideas for reusing candle light jars throughout the years, Co.? (Just be careful not to overwater.)

Got an enormous collection of colored pencils or art markers? Keep them all arranged with candle jars, as seen on Lonny. From Dwell Beautiful, here’s another example of using candle jars to save craft supplies. (The lid comes in handy for keeping things from getting dusty.)

Sabrina from A Set & A Spare has instructions for using old candle jars to grow spring bulbs. These flowers will last longer than cut ones, and you’ll have the complete satisfaction of understanding that you grew them yourself.