7 Tips On The Best Ways To Avoid Single Hair Knots At Last

Single Strand Knots I used to have a really bad routine of plucking my single hair knots straight off the strands. I would literally feel one at the end of my hair and pull it off till I felt a smooth strand. Let me be clear, this is the even worse way you could ever handle these pesky little things.For those of

you who do unknown what a single hair knot is, let me offer you a short lesson. Curly hair has the tendency to not just curl and clump with your other hairs however each hair can also curl on itself and form a knot at the end of your hair strand.This is the nature

of curly hair, stylists will tell you that it comes with the territory and a variety of knots you have actually increase around the time that you need a trim.Most naturals myself consisted of, find them to be quite bothersome and