The best ways to Self-Film A BMX Video

Want to make a BMX video, however all your friends are useless? Here’s a video showing you ways to self-film a BMX video …

Brant Moore assembled a video with some recommendations on how to self-film a BMX video. In this video, Brant talks about a couple of different tools he uses to get the shots from the little Cellular phone Tripod to the Bluetooth Remote and Clip on Fisheye lens that he puts to use. After that, he gives you an appearance at how you bring the 3 pieces together to film a clip, then do a fast edit on your phone to obtain the clips all set for Instagram, Youtube or whatever you wish to do with the video footage. It used to be a challenging task to movie a BMX video, however now days they make it so easy that you can literally movie a clip, get it touched up on your phone and have it online within a few minutes. It’s quite incredible what does it cost? things have actually changed in the last 10 years. The finest part? You do not necessarily require someone there to movie for you if you can get innovative. A while back, Dan Foley assembled a video that showed you the Best Phone Shooting Setup For Under $15 that might be worth a look too. In either case, you can find all the things Brant used for this video right listed below!

In a world of shooting anything and whatever, often there’s no one around and sometimes its a bad time to ask somebody to movie for you.Here is a video

with a few pieces of equipment to make self recording not only much easier, but likewise less time consuming, and sometimes provide even better quality.”– Brant Moore Mobile Phone Tripod–!.?.!Bluetooth Remote–!.?.!Clip On Fisheye–!.?.!Tripod+ Remote–!.?.!That’s a take a look at ways to self-film a BMX video. These tips can be

applied to skateboarding or actually anything you may wish to do that includes recording something that is performed in a relatively close area

. It’s absolutely worth experimenting with if you’re a fan of publishing video to Instagram or Youtube. Particularly if you have desired to do it, but do not have anybody to movie you!VISIT: FRONT PAGE// DAILY SECTION// BMX COLOR APP// BMX VIDEOS// RANDOM// BMX GAMES// SHOP