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Among the most crucial celebrations commemorated in the established societies that can be compared with the way Africans do is the Thanksgiving Day Celebration. The event, no doubt, excites curiosity.Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States of America, some of the Caribbean islands and Liberia. It began as a day reserve for the function of appreciating for the blessings of another year's harvest and that of the preceding year.Similarly called

festival vacations are celebrated in Germany and Japan. Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the 2nd Monday of October in Canada and on the 4th Thursday of November in the Unites State. Event of the celebration happens in other countries around the very same duration of the year.Prayers and special thanksgiving ceremonies characterise the celebrations in a basic sense, simply as it is done during the African New Yam Festival.The Thanksgiving Day custom stemmed from the English reformation era.

It was commemorated in action to occasions that the Puritans saw as unique acts of providence. The engaging story of the Thanksgiving Day is success(whether in the past, present or the future)over social, political and financial problems.Nigeria is undergoing financial upheavals

that have dislocated the social life of the citizenry. Meeting the standard survival needs of feeding, shelter and security is threatened since the making power has actually depreciated. School fees, lodging demands, basic survival, transport and feeding are threatened. This has inevitably impacted adversely on the psychological health of the people.When one considers the psychological health difficulties across life period, one finds that it is huge and difficult. Reports of suicide, intimate partner violence, homicide, violent clashes, armed break-in, kidnapping and cult killing are all connected to the mental health challenges of the people. Numerous aspects specified earlier have contributed to this present state of hopelessness and disappointment occasioned by the economic recession. The institutions that should supply assistance and succour to the individuals do not have innovative leadership. Specific steps could be taken to help the mind to function effectively and in a wholesome way, especially within the circles of influential people and neighborhoods that need specific dispositions and skills to navigate this vital period.One of them is the practice of thanksgiving at specific, household and nationwide levels for what nature has happily bequeathed to us and the advantages of life that we have actually enjoyed in the past,

in addition to the prospective advantages in the obstacles we are dealing with. This exercise does not intend to ignore the present scenario and attendant challenges however to be thankful, in spite of them. Thanksgiving is the event of the assurance that the providence we have actually enjoyed in the past will extend into the future. Nigerians will require to learn to transit from simple piousness and get deeply spiritual as their relationship with God need to begin to count for them psychologically, socially and physically.The successful countries of the world commemorate the Thanksgiving Day as an item of their dynamic and pragmatic relationship with God. No one can effectively thank God for providence and sustenance of the

future without having solid faith in God.We should avoid ill worship and get into deep spiritual concepts that will make our faith strong enough to offer birth to thanksgiving, even in the face of things we strongly desire that we have not seen but just have the assurance and conviction

that they are done as we navigate through our challenges.We needs to find a method to amass and acquire motivation in our worship to tangibly impact our mental state favorably rather than providing hearken to negative and downhearted ideas that can just lead to depressive disease, suicide as well as motivate drug abuse.It is about time that African religious practices started to count for us in a manner that produces a strong, vibrant and resourceful mindset that will keep us steady and grant us effective and reliable issue- resolving skills as we sustain a positive psychological health attitude.Our ideas have to be controlled and secured not only when we must visit the psychotherapists, but also at the individual, family and nationwide levels. We need to consciously generate positive ideas from our spiritual affiliations and make our minds active and resourceful as we compete with today circumstances. Ideas produce moods and might make it worse in a

method that affects our biopsychosocial functioning.We are all stakeholders in the recovery of our economy and social success. Psychological capital is the most crucial resource in this healing agenda, which is the psychological wellness that has served as substrate for favorable mental forces that practiced in financial performance. Thanksgiving, for that reason, is an essential personification of the therapy we need as a country to move out of this hazard moving from the individual level to the national level so that we can usually have our own Thanksgiving Day to commemorate as a country. Copyright PUNCH.All rights reserved. This product, and other digital material on this site, might not be recreated, published, broadcast, rewritten or rearranged in whole or in part without previous reveal written permission from PUNCH.Contact:(Checked out 25 times, 5 gos to today )Receive Alerts on: Whatsapp:< a href =" "> +2349090060943, Twitter: @MobilePunch, BBM: C003D3DC0 Share your story with us: SMS: +2349090060943, Whatsapp: +2349090060943, Email:

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Adeoye OyewoleSpecialist Psychiatrist Among the most crucial celebrations commemorated in the established societies that can be compared with the way Africans do is the Thanksgiving Day Celebration. The event, no doubt, excites curiosity.Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in Canada, the United States of America, some of the...