How to make cheap Do It Yourself cable ties

How to make inexpensive Do It Yourself cable ties I had actually seen some

Think Tank Red Whips online earlier this year, and even though they weren’t very expensive to begin with, like a lot of DIYers I believed”I might make those myself … for less expensive.” I did.Materials you’re going to require for this are flexible band or cable (plan on using about a foot per tie however you can make them any length), a pack of spring loaded cable locks, a pair of scissors, a ruler, and a lighter.

(not imagined: lighter and ruler)

The first thing you wish to do is measure and cut your cord into 12in segments– you can also do much shorter or longer based upon what you need.Once your pieces are cut, take among them, double it in half, connect a little knot at the end, and tighten it. Utilize the pliers to help actually tighten up the knot.Then insert the

non-knot end through the cable-lock. Cut off any excess cord and singe with your lighter to keep it from fraying. Repeat with each of your pieces, and you’re done.These cable television ties are a FANTASTIC, and inexpensive tool to have in your package, and can be used for NUMEROUS things

. And you can make them as huge or as small as you want. At the time of the video the originals were around$ 15 for a 10 pack(currently they’re closer to $10 ), but for under$15 you can make 50 of your own.Original (10 ties for $10ish): About the Author Adam Rahn is an acclaimed manufacturer, director, editor, and videographer with over Ten Years of expert video production experience. He belongs of the duo behind Droi Media. If you wish to take a look at more of his work, register for Droi Media newsletter, sign up for their YouTube channel, like them on Facebook, and follow them5 minutes This Do It Yourself periscope makes the Sony A6500 the ideal vlogging electronic camera The best ways to make a DIY triangle LED “ring” light for less than $ 100