Malaysian Paper Informs Readers The Best Ways To Identify Gays



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Malaysia Paper Informs Reader Here’s How You Find Gays

2/12/2018 7:04 AM PST

Malaysian Paper Informs Readers How to Identify Gays

Malaysia watches for bearded males who enjoy exercising, since they’re gay and gay is unlawful there … this according to among the leading papers in the country.It’s almost

unbelievable … the paper published a guide on how to find gays and lesbians. The short article says gay males’s eyes illuminate when they see good-looking men.As for lesbians … the newspaper states they have a tendency to hug one another and belittle members of the opposite sex.Homosexuality is illegal in Malaysia and carries an optimal sentence of 20 years.A person called Arwind Kumar, who approves social

media, assaulted the paper for stereotyping gays in such a ludicrous way.