Ways to see Jack Ma kung fu motion picture ‘Gongshoudao’.

Jack Ma prepares for a battle in his latest motion picture, “Gongshoudao.”Gongshoudao/Youku Jack Ma, a tai chi

  • professional, stars in a newly-released kung fu short.”Gongshoudao”sees the Alibaba founder
  • beat a string of foes.He beat a sumo wrestler, a weapons specialist, and wushu master Jet Li.Alibaba is relaunching the motion picture for an international audience on February 16.
  • Or you can view the previous variation in this article.
  • Jack Ma, among the richest men in China, is the founder of Chinese

e-commerce giant Alibaba, paper owner, and philanthropist. Now, he can include another title: Kung fu star. Last November, Alibaba released a 20-minute over-the-top short film illustrating Ma, 53, as an unequalled martial artist who beats opponent after foe in a string of unlikely fights. The company has since relaunched the film in time for Chinese New Year. It will be offered here on Friday 2 p.m. EST/11

a.m. PST/7 p.m. GMT. Alternatively, the previous version is still online. You can see it by scrolling down. Ma accomplishments over Chinese martial artist Wu Jing.

Gongshoudao/Youku Ma provides a swinging chandelier

kick to sumo wrestler Asashoryu Akinori. Gongshoudao/Youku Ma stands

over defeated Chinese action star Jacky Heu.

In “Gongshoudao”– which equates to “The Art of Attack and Defence”– Ma wards off 8 attacks using tai chi, a conventional Chinese martial art that involves grand, fluid motions.

Ma’s competitors in the motion picture consist of retired wushu world champ Jet Li, and Donnie Yen, who played the blind warrior Chirrut Imwe in “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.”

At the end of the film, Ma fights Li and Yen, and wins an ancient manuscript with “Gongshoudao” composed on it.

In the movie, the Alibaba founder is so strong, he breaks a basketball with his fist. Gongshoudao/Youku

Akinori spins Ma around during their battle. Gongshoudao/Youku The movie, which has very little dialogue, sees the eccentric billionaire drop kitsch martial arts one-liners like: “One that has a sense of justice fears nothing.”

In one scene, he asks Mongolian sumo wrestler Asashoryu Akinori if he had eaten recently, before saying “sorry” and punching him numerous times in the stomach.

At another point, a gaggle of bikini-clad women whisper “Prince Charming!” and “He’s so cool!” to each other as Ma walks past.

A bald Jet Li touches a spot which Ma

simply struck. Gongshoudao/Youku The motion picture ends with video messages from more familiar faces, including Hollywood star Jason Statham and boxer Manny Pacquiao, tough Ma to another battle– suggesting that there might be a sequel to come.

“Gongshoudao” is presently readily available on Youku, a Chinese video channel owned by Alibaba. See it here (there are English subtitles):

Given that Saturday, the movie has amassed over 106 million views and some 11,000 remarks, much of which praise Ma’s acting abilities.

Ma has been studying tai chi because 1988, Alibaba said last month. A spokeswoman for the company previously said that Ma took part in the movie to “promote exercise and wellness and cultural exchanges among people of different cultures.”

Li produced the movie, and none of the stars in “Gongshoudao” took an income for their functions in the film, Alibaba said.

The full cast of “Gongshoudao,” with Ma in

the middle. JetLi.com Ma practicing tai chi by himself on a frost-covered mountain toward completion of the motion picture.

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