Ways To Identify Fake Oakleys

Foakley, Fakley, Fokley, whatever you wish to call them, they are not the genuine deal. Phony Oakleys fill the black markets, from stores in metro stations in Shanghai, to street stalls in Mazatlán, to automobile trunks on Canal Street– they’re all over the world. Chances are, when you’re buying off the street or can haggle on the cost, you know exactly what you’re entering into.

However what if you’re after the genuine article?

A few of these counterfeits ready and just getting better, and they’re all over the web. Before you drop your hard-earned loan on a new set of Oakleys or on replacement lenses that you’re anticipating to fit into your “Oakleys,” here are some indications to be on the

  1. lookout for: RATE If it appears too great to be true … you understand how this ends.

    An authentic pair of Oakleys is normally going to cost you at least $50.00, and that’s if they’re utilized, old, and probably a little even worse for the wear. Anything brand name brand-new, straight out of the box is even more most likely to be at least in the $80-$100+ range. Granted, this does depend on the model (and also whether the seller came over the sunglasses honestly). It’s always great to examine against the retail price and exactly what other frames of the same condition are opting for.

    If you choose to go all out anyhow, here are some other identifiers to be familiar with:

  3. With minimal editions such as the Trip de France, MLB, or Ferrari models, there are some Oakley lenses that will have something besides “Polarized” or “Prizm” engraved into the lens. You can likewise get some custom etching from Oakley. Some guard lenses, like lenses for the M Frames will have “Oakley” etched into the top of the lens, above the nose bridge.