Ways To Clean Wood Cabinets

Spot-cleaning kitchen cabinets after spills and leaks is easy enough, but finding a process and item that removes the gunk and grease from numerous a meal preparation takes perseverance and a bit of label research (particularly if you are tackling a painted surface).

I tested four cabinet cleaners– two spray formulas, a plant-based item, and a conventional oil soap– to discover which item would clean my kitchen cabinets best. Here’s what I discovered, and how you can clean oily cabinets in your home.

Rearranging my kitchen storage has improved function and cut dishwasher discharging time by at least a third. While the renewed pleasure of our space is amazing, my number-one kitchen grievance was still the state of the cabinets. I periodically deal with surface area spots and leaks with a quick spray and wipe, but regrettably my regular with a multi-surface cleaner was no longer doing the trick. Grime, grease, and spills were still hanging around after each cleaning.

Daydreaming about painting them for 3 months didn’t get me really far, so I boiled down from the clouds and tested a couple of methods and items for reviving kitchen cabinets.

The Outcomes of the Four Cleaners I Tested

The popular wood floor cleaner company, Bona, makes a specific cabinet-cleaning item. I was excited to attempt it after reading excellent evaluations of their floor care system and cleaner. The spray-bottle formula was too drippy for my liking, however had almost no fragrance (a win in my book!) and worked well on crevice and surface stains. There was an evident sticky residue on cabinet surface areas after using this item.

Verdict: Not my favorite.

Unknown with this brand name, I was happy to find it was suitable for painted cabinet surface areas. (You know, in case I ever get to painting my cabinets.) The spray-bottle formula (there’s also an aerosol) had a larger, even spray, but smelled the most cleaner-like to me. The thicker spray made it fantastic for crevices and it provided a smoother surface after wiping than the other spray items.

Verdict: A strong performer.

Technique is my favorite brand of multi-purpose spray cleaner. I use it daily for countertops. Their multi-purpose product for grease and grime remains true to their item solutions with naturally derived, naturally degradable components– and the citrus smell was surprisingly wonderful. If you are a Method item fan, attempt this product, but let it sit a few minutes and prepare to scrub a little more difficult for stain elimination.

Decision: Works well if you let it sit and actually scrub.

Reliable Murphy’s Oil soap has been around for more than 100 years, and it won my overall vote. It cut through the gunk and grease with more ease than the other items and left a gorgeous, silky surface on cabinet surface areas. The citrus fragrance is also mild and doesn’t stick around.

Note: Do be mindful of which formula you select if you have actually painted cabinets. For the concentrated formula, you’ll have the additional action of diluting and using with a fabric.

Verdict: The very best cleaner of the four!

The Best Ways To Clean Wood Kitchen Cabinets

What You Required

  • Cleaner of choice
  • Toothbrush or little scrub brush
  • Bowl
  • Tidy, dry fabric


  1. Choose your cleaner: If you didn’t read my main product test, return and provide it a read before you see these actions. I discovered that Murphy’s Oil Soap cleaned best general for a silky, reconditioned surface, so that’s exactly what I’m using here.Spot-treat discolorations and leaks: To spot-treat stains from drips and spills, damp a toothbrush or small scrub brush in a bowl of diluted oil soap.Scrub hardware: Scrub around the hardware edges on your cabinets.Scrub the corners: And scrub in thecorners of the cabinet deals with. Removing accumulation might be a more involved action if your cabinetfacing is more intricate. Get the withins, too: Do not forget to resolve the sides of each drawer and door while you’re wiping.Clean cabinet surfaces: Using your cleaner of choice, spray or clean cabinet fronts one at a time. Wipe each one down with your cloth.Repeat as needed: Repeat as needed up until all grease spots and finger prints are gone! Kitchn supports our readers with thoroughly selected item recommendations to enhance life in the house. You support us through our independently picked links, a lot of which make us a commission.