Case Study: How To Boost Arm Fumbling Experience

The real feeling!.?.!Case Study: How To Boost Arm Wrestling Experience Overview Sports and games are an important part and parcel of human life. Some individuals are interested in enjoying video games as much as playing them. Arm wrestling is one such interesting game which many individuals like.We have created an interactive arm wrestling board called Hands down. It makes the game more interesting by doing 2 things.1. It senses the movement of the 2 players and displays their action graphically live on the mobile phones.2. It also empowers the audience to participate in the video game by voting the player, whom they believe will win.Team: Addi Hou, Mia My Function– Developer and Visionary I have actually extended my help for the successful conclusion of the entire task like ideation, hardware/software prototyping, shows, design workshop, result documentation and video production.Inspiration!.?.!Problem Lack of knowledge lights when interest is lost.Either playing a video game or watching it, great interest should be developed in mind,which can thrill both the players and audience.Have you ever got irritated in viewing an arm

fumbling contest? If yes, you might have withstood the distress of sitting exclusively without grasping exactly what is going on there.Many fans prefer not to simply enjoy the battles passively, however also indirectly participate.– Armpower.Target audience Our design targets two types of users,

Arm wrestlers: Men and ladies, who are above 18 years of ages and reside in North America, the United States. They need to be professional arm wrestlers with more than two years of practice.Viewers: People in between the age of 20– 54, who fancy viewing arm wrestling.Live Match VIDEO We present a quick glimpse of our demonstration. You will perceive the further concept of our concept.!.?.!DESIGN PROCESS We have actually performed the secondary research study with all the arm fumbling organizations and world league conductors.Though we came across diverse problems, we decided to solve 2 things for better viewer engagement.

We can broaden the service and make the match generally amusing.We have actually penetrated the

measurement of the

  • arm wrestling table presently used.We have actually assayed with numerous style of the box and got critiques from our
  • classmates.Programmed the user interface of the viewers.Displayed the ideal structure and asked the results from the user. Principle Development The layout for developing the pattern is prepared. Credits: Addi Hou Restrictions we need to deal with: To consider both the
  • best & left-hand entrants while configuring the sensor for victor and loser.To show the precise arm angles of the gamers.!.?.!MAKING!.?.!We have actually charted numerous patterns consistently and obtained the best contour of package with the perfect dimension. Then we concocted it with the plywood and covered the leading layer with antiquated archlic. Aurdino led strips are embedded inside the prototype.The other part is the wristband, with the accelerometer. Appealing Snaps We reached the minute we were longing.Arm wrestlers: Audiences: STYLE WORKSHOP We carried out the user evaluation with six participants(2 male groups and one female team). The contestants had actually practiced the match for an optimum of 2 minutes using the band. We asked the audience to vote the players.We enquired the design review from the user and examined the user experience of the


Future Strategy: Using Apple watch and Android Watches In future, we have planned to traverse with Apple and Android views as it has the sensing units, haptic feedback, and sounds.You can battle with your friends anytime using those watches. It will direct you to begin the video game and announce the winner.We can further keep a leader board with a total community of arm wrestlers. Thanks for the 50 clap if you enjoyed this post. This

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