Stormy Daniels’ Dad States He Worries for Her Security Amid Trump Scandal

The eagerly-awaited 60 Minutes interview with adult film star Stormy Daniels, where she’s expected to dish on a supposed affair with Donald Trump, now has an air date: March 25.

interview with Anderson Cooper last week, but reports state Trump’s legal representatives are threatening to go to court to stop it from airing. It might be a losing battle, however.Earlier this month, Daniels sued President Trump inan effort to have a gag-order regarding their alleged affair lifted.She claims in the fit that she started an

affair with Trump in the summer season of 2006, around the exact same time very first woman Melania Trump had brought to life her only child with the president, child Barron. She stated the affair continued into 2007.< a href= > Trump has actually denied they had an affair. Stormy Daniels’Father Says Scandal With President Trump Has’End Up Being a Genuine Mess’