This topic is pretty involved and well beyond the scope of a single post, so I am going to start with the fundamentals that anyone who decides to study Mandarin Chinese in Taipei must know/consider, then follow-up with a more in-depth post that covers the real process I went through to find my very first apartment or condo in the city.Find short-term accommodations If you're not currently here in Taipei, find short-term lodgings initially ! I can't emphasize this point more!Every location I discovered online was actually not what I expected

it to be in individual. Sometimes this was for the better, however generally the homes were no where near as clean as the images led me to believe.More than likely, it will take a while to discover and secure a place here. I recommend discovering yourself

a minimum of a week of short-term accommodations throughout which you can set out on your apartment or condo hunt.I will dig up some references for cheap hotels and hostels that I will try to edit in here asap. But in the meantime, may google guide you well.Renting an

house vs. remaining in a dorm Second, dormitories are typically limited in accessibility and expense around NT$ 10,000( $333 USD )monthly. Depending on where you stay,

you might have to share a restroom with other students.For about the very same cost, or just a bit more, you can have your own, proper apartment or condo nearby in the city. This is my personal preference given that it provides more flexibility, regional food choices, and a much more

culturally rich experience.A couple of things to understand about discovering an apartment in Taipei If you have not invested at any time in Taipei, there may be a couple of things here that you'll need to get utilized to.Small, very little living spaces Taipei huges, walkable and has terrific transit.

This is just possible since it is likewise rather thick. If you're coming from somewhere like America( outside of San Francisco and New York City), you might have to change your standards in terms of living space.If you want to have a decent place in the city,

you'll require to either pay a premium or live like the locals do (I suggest the latter of these 2). This implies you're apartment will likely be somewhere between 200 and 400 square feet (~ 18-37 square meters)in size, lack a kitchen area, and have a wet

bathroom.What is a damp bathroom? Well, I'm happy you asked.Wet restrooms A damp bathroom indicates that the restroom does not have a separator in between the shower head and the rest of the restroom, or no water conditioner systems in place. So, every time you take a shower, you're entire bathroom(toilet, sink and all) will shower

, too.To keep things tidy and mold totally free, you'll likely require to clean down the restroom after you utilize it with a squeegee or similar tool. No one likes stepping barefoot in cold bathroom-floor water, so it's basic practice to keep a pair of slippers devoted to restroom use just outside the restroom entrance.Sound troublesome? It can be at times, however it does not take long to get used to. Just keep in mind that this is basic, so nearly all houses you discover will likely have a damp bathroom.No kitchens, no cooking Again, unless you're ready to pay a premium and/or share a larger apartment or condo with others, you're apartment will probably lack a cooking area. Worry not! Excellent, low-cost food is offered all over the city and most convenient shops(likewise equipped with great food )are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.During peak hours, small street suppliers started a business selling breakfast, lunch, dinner and other treats throughout the day. As a result, there is really little requirement to have a kitchen area of you're own in Taipei.That being said, great hassle-free food is quicker available in some locations than in others, so the area of your house is key.Location, place, place This goes without saying, but having a location near your work/school will conserve you a great deal of time when it pertains to commuting.More importantly however, the majority of locations near Tai Da and Shi Da are dense with terrific shopping, vendors and eateries. This makes these locations quite perfect areas for students.Area is determined in"ping "in Taiwan Ping, generally listed as 坪 (píng )or 坪數(píng shù)is a system of measurement for location. This is how the size of a house will be explained on all home listings.1 ping/ 1坪=35.58 square feet=3.31 square meters While we're talking about this

, I ought to mention that

Taiwanese systems are originated from standard Japanese systems of measurement. This means the following hold true:1 Taiwan inch( cùn, 寸)=3.030 centimeters 1 Taiwan foot (chí, 尺) =10 Taiwan inches =30.30 centimeters If you plan to discover your very own apartment( rather than renting a single room, apartment sharing, etc), you can quickly discover an

home in between 6 and 11 ping for about NT$ 12,000 near the significant universities. Anything less than 6 ping will be micro-sized and is most likely not worth looking at.Waste services The waste services in Taiwan are quite various from the United States, U.K., and Canada in that trash/rubbish need to be disposed of in qualified garbage bags and removed for

collection at certain times of the day.Some house complexes streamline this procedure for you by having an on-site dumpster for you to discard your trash/rubbish, so make certain to confirm what the

policy is when you're taking a look at apartment or condos. Otherwise you might need to spend for a company like < a href = > Eagle Dumpster Rental. Expense of rent and living in Taipei Rent prices in Taipei vary commonly based upon size, location, and how modern-day the apartment is. When looking for your very first location here you most likely won't wish to invest

excessive on rent,

so I'll attempt to put some of these prices into perspective.Most locals I have actually meet here make a bit over NT$ 360,000, which has to do with$ 12,000 USD, annually. This indicates that if you're willing to live like a regional you can easily get away with costs in between NT$ 18,000 and NT$ 27,000($ 600-900 USD)monthly on food, lease and other living expenses.Rent costs You can find a simple, clean place near school somewhere between NT$ 9,000 and NT$ 15,000($ 300-500 USD )per month.Food/ eating expenses An affordable budget plan for food is NT$ 100 per meal for local food. Western food is typically about 3x this price though. If you're a fussy eater

, you might discover yourself spending a bit

more from time to time.Nevertheless, food will likely cost you somewhere between NT$ 6000 and NT$ 18000( $200-600 USD)per month depending on your lifestyle.Internet, energies, and waste services Many apartments include internet and some energies in the rent. Electrical power will nearly constantly

be a different bill and in some cases web, water and waste services will be different. Energy costs will vary from individual to individual, but here are some ballpark numbers you may anticipate : Electricity: NT$ 200-400 ($6-14 USD) per month in the winter and NT$ 1000-2000 ($33-67 USD)monthly in the summertime. It fumes, so you'll be using your Air Conditioning in the summer season here.Water: NT$ 100-300($3-10 USD)per month, if not included in your rent.Waste: NT$ 60-180( $2-6 USD)monthly(depends upon your way of life and home policy )Web: NT$ 600-1200 ($20-40 USD)monthly Some apartment building have doormen and/or service people constantly onsite. Typically, there will be an extra management fee for these advantages.

Make certain to check with your property owner and the lease to make sure there are no other hidden fees.Otherwise, the overall will likely be somewhere between NT$ 960 and NT$ 3680(

$32-123 USD )per month.English apartment listings in Taipei

on Tealit was initially a resource for individuals moving to Taiwan to teach English, but has actually ended up being the go-to resource for expats that are looking for work, language-exchange and/or housing.The site style itself someplace in between craigslist and a bad spam page, but the material will be indispensable if you can't check out any

  • Chinese. If you cannot speak/read Chinese, this might be your only good classifieds resource for living in Taiwan.Again, it will take some time to find a place, so begin looking early and provide yourself at least a week to look at locations in individual before devoting to your very first
  • home in Taipei.Chinese apartment or condo listings in Taipei If you can read and speak some Chinese
  • and/or have a good friend in Taipei that wants to assist, you

    can take benefit of one of the lots of apartment noting websites. The most significant of these is presently 591 房屋交易網, followed closely by Kijiji(qí jí jí, 奇集集). Keep in mind that after discovering an apartment or condo on among these sites, you will likely require to handle both realtors and property owners. On top of that, you will need to check out and sign contracts/rental contracts. All of which will have to be performed in Chinese.Realtors Many of the listings on these websites are published by real estate agents. If/when you consult with them there are three things to remember:1. A few of them will be pushy/persistent 2. They will most likely not speak English 3. They will charge a finder's cost upon finalizing of a lease, which is usually equal to 50 %of a single month of lease Secret terms The first issue I ran into when utilizing these websites was unknowning a few of the essential terms. Here are some that I discovered especially helpful: 最短租期-- Minimal rental period. Normally 1 year unless it is a short-term rental.可短期租賃-- Short-term stay allowed.

    Essential if you can't remain for a complete

    year, however typically significantly more expensive.押金-- Deposit. Often equivalent to 2 months of rent.獨立套房-- Studio with bathroom. The most typical kind of house and what you will most likely wish to rent.獨立雅房-- Studio with shared bathroom. Usually tiny and probably not-so-desireable. 公寓-- Complete apartment or condo. May include a cooking area and probably not cheap.雅房-- Apartment with shared bathroom.坪數-- Location measured in "ping"( 1 ping=35.583104 square feet=3.3057785 square meters )Happy house-hunting! Finding an apartment will spend some time, so make certain to start looking early and have a temporary place to remain so you can see the places personally. Walk the area and ensure transport is easily accessible.In the meantime, leave me a comment and

    let me understand if there is anything else you 'd like to know about the procedure!!How ToApartment,Condominium,Economic geography,New Taiwan dollar,Real estate,Regional science,Renting,Taipei
    This topic is pretty involved and well beyond the scope of a single post, so I am going to start with the fundamentals that anyone who decides to study Mandarin Chinese in Taipei must know/consider, then follow-up with a more in-depth post that covers the real process I went...