The best ways to Forage for Fiddlehead Ferns

Fiddleheads are the unopened leaves of the ostrich fern. Young fiddlehead fronds are a preferred among foragers. They appear in late spring when the brand-new, emerald green leaves press their tightly furled heads from the papery brown scales of the root stock. The season for fiddleheads is a quick one in late April or early May as the leaves rise through the soil. As soon as the leaves open, the chance has passed.Identifying Fiddlehead Ferns It’s finest to identify Ostrich ferns in the summer. Some ferns look much like the ostrich fern, however can be harmful. Mark the position of the ostrich fern and then you will know where to forage in the spring. Ostrich ferns have long, gorgeous leaves that taper towards the bottom-their distinctive feature.The fiddleheads will emerge from papery brown scales and be an extremely brilliant green.

They are distinctive and you’ll not struggle to recognize them.This fiddlehead is ideal for picking!Once they unfurl, it’s too late.To enjoy this extremely delicious woodland special, look for leaves when they are still securely furled and about

4-6 inches high(10-15 cm ).

With a sharp knife, simply nip the fronds off about half an inch from the curled leaf.Watch the video here: The best ways to Cook Fiddlehead Ferns You can’t eat fiddleheads raw! Make sure to boil them for 7-10 minutes. Wash them well. You can now include them to salads, or fry them in

garlic butter with a little salt and pepper for a truly delicious dish.You can refrigerate them for

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