3 years after penning hit single Transatlantic Trade and Financial Investment Partnership (TTIP) offer.

“Greater accountability is the remedy to authoritarianism. It was how the TTIP offer– the mad concept that corporations could take legal action against governments if their policies harmed their earnings– was stopped. I’ll be method out of my comfort chamber [at the Bank of England] I’m not there to be respectful.”

Bragg was welcomed by Andy Haldane, the Bank of England’s chief financial expert. “He has actually been aiming to welcome individuals who might shock their thinking” said Bragg.

But focusing on financial growth and GDP figures alone is, argues Bragg, part of the problem instead of the option. “Political leaders have moved from changing the world to just trying to manage the economy. When politicians simply rave economic growth it pushes away individuals, and in any case it’s simply not sustainable. They have actually not been capable of dealing with change. Brexit, Trump, even Corbyn had to do with individuals wanting change. They are fed up with being informed there is no option.”

Regardless of a media commotion following a speech in Edinburgh in 2016 that was interpreted as an attack on Corbyn, Bragg states he remains faithful to the Labour leader.

“I’m a Corbynite. That does not imply I concur with absolutely whatever he says. I think his election to party leader was about how normal individuals, the celebration members, should have a higher say in things. That suits really much with exactly what I’ll be stating about accountability.”