How To Make A Group Gift Quilt

How does one bless a pal who is welcoming her 3rd baby in as several years and is in need of an extra dose of support and love as her induction date approaches? Well, if that good friend is also your comrade-in-arms for promoting the love of sewing in the local community, you amaze her with a baby quilt. And if this pal likewise happens to be a generous and bighearted person, there are lots of females who wish to shower her with well-wishes and enjoy too, and that infant quilt becomes a group-made project.Christina is such a good friend, and the quilt we made for her is most likely one of the most heartfelt gifts I have had the enjoyment of sewing. I hope others give this sort of infant shower a try.Benefit from your pals talents and skills.A group of pals and I prepared and threw Christina a last-minute infant shower/quilting bee right prior to her due date. I attribute the success of the celebration and job to how we collaborated. It was so fantastic to be able to put all our gifts and strengths to utilize. For instance, the center block is a material printed with an initial watercolor by our good friend Rachel who owns South Farthing Studio. My buddy Emily and I shared the work of turning the blocks into a

crib sized quilt, and our friend Chrissy brought drinks that accommodated our guest of honor’s dietary needs.Choose a single block size, and communicate that to the guests.We selected a block size

, 8 inches square, that would create a crib-sized quilt based upon the number of buddies that would participate. 8 inches was a terrific size and if you don’t have enough blocks you can always complete with blank squares.Sash the blocks.Don’ t concern excessive about color consistency or imperfectly cut blocks. We discovered that the sashing helped merge the blocks and

also made it easy to expand the blocks that were not cut to the right size.Make the block-making a social event.If we had planned this project further out, I believe more people would have created the blocks at house. Nevertheless, this was planned about a week in advance.

While we motivated people to make the blocks ahead of time, we set up the celebration around the making of the blocks. I’m delighted it turned out that way.Help those who are daunted by sewing.We welcomed a great deal of non-sewists to celebrate our buddy with us. We encouraged them to come to the infant shower empty-handed if they preferred, and had materials waiting for them to utilize. We had pre-cut blocks

, scrap material, fabric markers, stamps, and embroidery floss on hand. As you can see, material markers and hand-sewn appliqué where the techniques of choice for many of the guests.Make quilting bees a thing again.We had a lot fun with this job. There is absolutely nothing more stunning than a group of females banding together to support another woman. I am grateful to have actually belonged of it.