Gorilla Mindset: Epilogue. State of mind is Status: Freeing Yourself from the Status Slavery If you understand social status and status signaling, you comprehend everything about human beings and the human condition. Comprehending social status will help you make more money, save more loan, and live a life of freedom.Status is all over

. It's inescapable.Even if you do not care about social status(you most

certainly do), social status appreciates you.Your social status is your position on the hierarchy of human beings. Your social status is continuously in flux and modifications based on social scenarios. There are lots of CEOs who are alpha males at work who go the home of a life of being a beta.Gorilla State of mind shift: The majority of the powerful guys you appreciate reside in fear of their other halves.

  • When you feel daunted by an effective man, smile to yourself understanding his life is one of quiet desperation.Status signals are habits you take part in, knowingly or automatically, that shows others your social status. When you walk upright with good posture

    , you're signaling to the world you have status. When you shuffle your feet and look down, you're also signaling your status.Status signals can be beneficial. If you are a lawyer, wearing a Rolex programs you are an effective legal representative. If individuals perceive you to be effective, they are most likely to employ you.Yet our inherent need for status can be hijacked, triggering us to live lives of thrall to the system.What is status? Status is a social construct. Status is exactly what everybody else says is status.Status differs by culture. In the U.S. youth is treasured above all else. In hunter-gatherer cultures old age was valued, as age symbolized the possession of the will and wiles needed to survive our precarious and hazardous ancestral environment.In the West, the following habits and attributes are related to status: Youth Physical beauty High intelligence Correct good manners A big vocabulary Winning Exclusivity Own a home Cool vehicles Hot girlfriend or better half Successful spouse Dominant body language Cash Home ownership A large group of good friends Name-brand logos Designer denims American Express Black Card Company class travel Private jets College education

    • The pursuit
    • of status is the root of all
    • unhappiness Do you feel insecure for doing not have a college education? Why? Many college graduates are morons
    • . Finishing a brand-new
    • Great Course from the Teaching Business when a month would offer you a better education after 4 years than possessed by even a Harvard graduate.(See what
    • I did there? Harvard is status.)Arguing is status.Why do you care if individuals
    • think you? I see people shout at each other, which was
    • even how I used to behave
    • . Who cares?We care because winning an argument increases our status. However exactly what is our prize for winning? Generally nothing.Expecting individuals to show something to you is a status play. You seek to enforce your ego on others and have others verify your intelligence.Who are you to demand anyone show anything to do?Spending loan is status.Logos are status.Because I am not"plugged in "to the status associated with logos, I feel absolutely nothing. Somebody who is still plugged into the status game feels weird.Do you see how status is slavery?Not all status is bad, and there

      's a human need for status.Friends are great to have. If you have high status, you'll have more pals.(Yet many of those" friends"only connect with you to improve

      their own status. Status is a double-edged sword. )Status offers you gain access to. Gain access to opens doors.

      The rich actually do get richer. Making a million dollars is more difficult than making 10 million dollars from one million.Most Venture Capital funds are incorrect 99%of the time. You can be wrong 99 %of the time and appear like a genius if you 1000x your financial investment.

Just rich people can

manage to play this game.Status pirates your brain.Status makes you a slave to the viewpoints of others. You see this in journalism. So-called conservative reporters declare to have concepts, but ultimately they wish to be accepted within the dominant social hierarchies, which are controlled by the left.Cocktail parties are status. Read Bonfire of the Vanities or talk with some New Yorkers. These individuals are consumed by being understood by the"ideal people, "even when knowing the ideal people will not lead to a direct life benefit-- and in many cases impressing the best individuals makes you broke staying up to date with the Jones.I'm reading a book about Americans in Paris.

Being accepted by Parisians is a huge deal to these Americans -- who largely come from New york city. Why? Due To The Fact That Paris and Parisians are status.Why are they high status? Due to the fact that everybody else has taught you to believe that.Do you see the dangers of status? Status is slavery.Most anger arises from a sensation others have actually not respected your status.When you state you are not being dealt with like you deserve to be treated, this is because of your unconscious belief you are high status. Frequently this belief is delusional and based on imaginary unearned status.Moreover, status is contextual.

If you're viewed as being low status, it 's most likely since-- in that situation-- you are.Who cares?Gorilla Frame of mind shift: No one owes you respect.When you stop appreciating social status, you are really free.Again, status is neither great nor wicked. Yet for the majority of us the pursuit of status causes misery, insecurity, and even financial ruin.Be conscious of your desire for status. Carry Out the Gorilla Focus workout: Ask yourself in the present moment whether your drive for status is brining you closer to your vision.Make status work for you.Gorilla Frame of mind Status Behaviors Never purchase status (unless your purchase will have a positive ROI).

Beats by Dre are inferior headphones and are a status purchase.

Name-brand clothing(particularly with visible logo designs) are status purchases.Surrender your

desire for status. When you are disturbed with how you are being treated, ask why.

You likely are upset that your status(real or thought of )was not recognized.Remind yourself in the present minute that a desire for respect is a desire for social status, which no one needs to recognize your status.The Status Worksheet Response These Concerns

to Become Free from Embarassment and Status Am I sending out off status signals? If so, to whom? (You are dispatching status signals every day

. If you cannot list these behaviors, then you live a totally unconscious life of

slavery. )Make a note of 3 people you have actually recently aimed to impress: ____________, ______________, _______________. Why do I want these individuals to like me? Is it since they are virtuous guys or females, or is it due to the fact that I have actually been tricked into thinking their viewpoints matter?List 3 positive outcomes that will take place if you impress individuals you wish to impress: _____________, _____________________

, ______________________.

Gorilla Frame of mind shift: You may

have to kiss ass or hobnob with the ideal people to obtain exactly what you want.

Status is neither great nor wicked. We must instead consciously understand why we are seeking status by asking ourselves whether achieving status will truly fulfill our deep human needs.Will this purchase result in a directand quantifiable boost in my desired outcome? What do I prefer from life?Gorilla Mindset shift: Never pay for status unless you will have a positive return on investment.Do I

want to impress ladies who are impressed by status? What does her fixation with status do to our ability to live a good life while saving and generating income? Will she

push me to work high-stress tasks to fund her desire for status?Live life on your terms.

Gorilla State of mind shows you how.

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Gorilla Mindset: Epilogue. State of mind is Status: Freeing Yourself from the Status Slavery If you understand social status and status signaling, you comprehend everything about human beings and the human condition. Comprehending social status will help you make more money, save more loan, and live a life...