Radcapradio: How to Achieve a Libertarian Social Order

Special Guest Jared Howe of the So to Speak podcast joins host Jim Wood and Roman Garza on to talk about the methods essential to accomplish a Libertarian social order.

So to speak Jared Howe
So to Speak podcast, hosted by Jared Howe

Talking Points:

  • Stop mass immigration; restrict migration to invite only.Adopt a non-interventionist foreign policy.Defund ruling elites and their intellectual bodyguards.End the
  • FED and all main banks.Abolish all affirmitive action and non-discrimination laws, particularly at universities and schools.Crush the antifascist mob; release the police to end mob censorship.Crush the street wrongdoers and gangs. Unleash the cops. Clear the no-go locations of violent gang
  • rule. Eliminate ALL restriction (will not be infringed )of firearms.Get rid of the welfare underclass and bums.Get the state from education.Don’t put your rely on politics and political parties. When involvement in politics can not be avoided, concentrate your efforts on local and regional, rather than national politics. Advocate for extreme decentralization, nulification and peaceful separation, segregation and secession.Summary: It is the ultimate objective of libertarianism to put an end to all politics, and to subject all interpersonal relations and conflicts to personal law and civil law treatments. To be sure, under present, all-pervasively politicized conditions a participation in politics and celebration politics can not be completely prevented.


in any such involvement one must be keenly knowledgeable about and defend against the corrupting impact of power and the lure of cash and advantages that features it. And to lessen this threat and temptation, it is a good idea to focus one’s efforts on the level of local and local rather than national politics, and there to promote an extreme agenda of decentralization: of nullification and serene separation, segregation and secession.Most importantly, however, we must beware of Ludwig von Mises ‘life-motto: Do not succumb to wicked, however continue ever more boldly against it.That is, we should speak out whenever and any place, whether in formal or casual gatherings, versus anyone affronting us with by now just all-too-familiar “political correctness”drivel and left-egalitarian balderdash and clearly say:”No. Hell no.

You must be joking. “In the meantime, provided the almost complete mind-control exercised

by the ruling elites, academia and the MSM, it already requires a good portion of courage to do so. However if we are not brave enough to do so now and hence set an example for others to follow, matters will end up being progressively worse and more dangerous in the future, and we, Western civilization and the Western concepts of freedom and liberty will be erased and vanish.