Ways to Make a Ribbon Tab Blanket as an Infant Gift

The best ways to Make a Ribbon Tab Blanket as an Infant Present

  • Do It Yourself Ribbon Tab Baby Blanket

    Mollie Johanson

    Discover the best ways to make a little blanket with vibrant ribbon tabs using this free tutorial. A ribbon tag blanket, which is in some cases called a lovey, has a variety of textures that any child will like.

    These “taggie” blankets aren’t truly blankets at all, but they work like a security blanket. Because they are so small, they are easy to bring around anywhere and the soft materials, ribbons, and textures are soothing to children.

    Sewing a ribbon tab blanket does not take long and …MORE it makes a fantastic infant gift. It’s likewise perfect to give a young child or a kid with sensory processing disorder so they can feel the various textures.This job is

    likewise a great sewing task for kids. It’s finest for kids 10 and up (though it may appropriate for more youthful kids depending upon their skill level). It must take about 60 minutes to complete the job.

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  • Ribbon Tab Blanket Products

    Mollie Johanson


    • 1/3 lawn flannel
    • 1/3 yard textured snuggle material (such as Minkee)
    • A variety of ribbon and trims (such as satin, grosgrain, ric-rac, embroidered trims, etc.)
    • Matching thread

    Keep in mind: Make certain to pre-wash your fabrics to prevent unequal shrinking.Tools Continue to

    3 of 8 listed below. Cut the Material and Ribbon Mollie Johanson Cut the two pieces

  • of fabric so they both procedure

    12″x 12 “. You can

    change the size as well as the shape of these nevertheless you ‘d like, as long as they both match. Cut the ribbon and other trims into 5-inch strips. Cut as many pieces of ribbon as you desire. Prepare for about 6 or 7 pieces per side for a 12-inch blanket. Continue to 4 of 8 below. Pin and Lay Out the Ribbons Mollie Johanson Decide which ribbons you will utilize on

    each side of the blanket, blending up the colors and textures.Lay the flannel piece of material right side up on your work surface area. Fold a

    piece of ribbon in

    half, line up the ends of the ribbon along the edge of the blanket, and pin it in place.Space out the ribbons equally along one edge, and continue around each side. Continue to 5 of 8 below. Stitch the Ribbon Tabs to the Blanket Mollie Johanson Secure the ribbons in

    location by sewing along the edge of the fabric utilizing a little 1/4-inch joint allowance. Go really gradually when you stitch over the ribbons to make sure they remain in location. Eliminate each pin prior to the stitching maker needle gets to

    it. Stitch around the

    whole blanket. Continue to 6 of 8 below. Complete the Ribbon Tab Blanket Mollie Johanson All that is delegated finish with the ribbon tab blanket now is to inspect all the joints. Carefully tug on all of the ribbons to make sure they are protected and safe for baby.Because there are so numerous choices for soft and textured fabrics, along with the vast range

    of ribbons and trims readily available

  • , you can make endless combinations of these charming ribbon tab blankets!