I'm calling mules the shoe of the season. They are a closed-toe shoe with an open back that exposes the heels and ankles. The slip-on style had its heyday in the '90s, and is back with a vengeance, this year.

Mules have the tendency to work best on high-volume feet with high insteps, high arches, shorter toes and a wide foot print. They are practically the worst kind of shoes design for low-volume feet. They have the tendency to fall off when you have low insteps, low arches, long toes, bony feet, and a narrow foot print. I have low-volume feet, and developed foot cramp aiming to keep mules on my feet when I used them 20 years ago. Walking up and down stairs was the worst. So I was the first to state no thank you to the current renewal of mules.I simulate the look of mules because of the closed-toe and the modern-day retro vibe. I choose the method they planning to a lot of open-toed sandals. So earlier this year I began looking for a style that would work for my feet. I found the

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