Ways to Accelerate Your Data Facilities Deployments from Months to Seconds

Keep in mind those days when your only option to deploy infrastructure to store and use your information was on-premises– and it took months to get it released? From making the business case to obtaining the purchase request authorized, then placing the order with a supplier, discovering room in your data center, rack-and-stack, power, cooling– then setup and configuration, software updates– the list goes on and on.For those workloads that cannot await months (because, well, your rivals will not simply sit there and wait on you to capture up), cloud provides a brand-new way to not just release applications much more quickly, however also to release the data facilities where your information is saved quickly and easily.After all– without data– your applications are entirely useless.We call it NetApp Cloud Volumes, a native information facilities service that is integrated with the biggest hyperscalers and releases in seconds. Now your applications have access to an information service that guarantees your information is offered– and fast.With NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS, we’re making it exceptionally simple for you to setup your first

volume. You can set up a 100TB volume in simply 8 seconds! View the video listed below to learn how you can do the following: Set up your very first volume.Get it installed in your compute instance.Move your information into the cloud and set it up so your data in the cloud and on-premises remain synchronized.Quickly change the size of your volume

  • — it’s so quick you much better not blink while watching.Interested? Sign up to be one of the first to utilize NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS.

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