How to cook Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew).

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Ofe Akwu (Banga Stew) can be prepared with fresh palm fruits or tinned palm fruit concentrate. On this page, I will offer information of the best ways to prepare scrumptious Ofe Akwu with tinned palm fruit concentrate (tinned banga). This stew is used to eat Boiled White Rice . You can likewise use the tinned palm fruit concentrate for Delta Banga Soup. Using tinned banga for Ofe Akwu saves you great deals of energy and time you would have used to extract the palm fruit concentrate and it is best for those who live outside Nigeria where palm fruits are not easily readily available. The advantage is that it tastes the exact same as when fresh palm fruits are utilized, that is if you buy a good brand: watch the video listed below for more information.The recipe on this page is the exact same for Delta Banga Soup that is served with Starch, simply replace the aroma leaves with dried and squashed bitter leaves and include the other traditional spices for Banga Soup.Ingredients for Ofe Akwu 800g tinned Palm Fruit Concentrate 1kg Beef(cut into medium pieces)1 red onion Salt( to taste )3 small stock cubes Keep in mind on the components for Ofe Akwu(Banga Stew)

  • You can utilize any of the following meat: goat
  • meat, beef or lamb for Ofe Akwu. It is not advisable to utilize chicken for Ofe Akwu because this stew is
    1. too standard for chicken.Though I mentioned the amounts of meat and fish, add the amounts of these 2 components as you wish.I suggest red onion for Ofe Akwu since it draws out the taste
    2. of this stew.Before you prepare Ofe Akwu( Banga Stew) In the video listed below, I grilled/smoked the pieces of beef I utilized in preparing the Ofe Akwu. This takes the Ofe Akwu to a whole brand-new level of deliciousness. So if you wish to do like me, crush two of the stock cubes into the pieces of beef, massage into the beef and grill in the oven till tender however moist (see the video below). If you do not wish to use grilled beef, avoid this step.Soak the dry fish till soft then debone and burglarize pieces. If using smoked fish, rinse, debone and get into pieces.Open the tinned palm fruit concentrate, stir to mix and set aside.Wash and cut the scent leaves into small pieces.Chop the onion.Grind or pound the crayfish with the ogiri okpei.Grind or pound the habanero pepper.Cooking Instructions If you are utilizing grilled beef,
    3. put the grilled pieces in a pot, include the deboned dry fish, diced onions and the remaining one stock cube.
    4. Pour water to almost the very same level of the contents (about 2 little cups of water)and start cooking.If you are not utilizing grilled beef, position the beef in a pot, add the
      1. diced onion and crushed stock cubes. Steam till water begins permeating out of the beef and continue cooking till the beef hurts. Include water when essential as you cook. It is very important that you have as little water as possible in the pot when the meat is done.If using step 1, cook till it boils and leave it to boil for 5 minutes. If using action 2, when the beef is done, include the deboned dry fish and cook for 5 minutes. In both cases, if utilizing smoked fish, do not add it now, you will include it later.Add the habanero pepper, ground crayfish and ogiri okpei.Stir effectively and add the palm fruit concentrate(tinned banga) in scoops. Stir and include more water if essential to bring the stew to the consistency you like for your stews. It is a good idea to have some hot water all set for this.Add the smoked fish (if you are utilizing it), cover and let it boil on medium heat till you see some red oil float to the surface.Add the scent leaves and
      2. salt stir and cook till it boils again and it is done.Serve with boiled white rice, boiled yam or white agidi.