The best ways to Run an Effective Project for the OKAY Legislature: A TLO Guide

After investing nearly two weeks at the state capital being disregarded while listening to Twisted Sibling on repeat, many Oklahoma instructors decided that the finest method to alter lawmakers’ viewpoints on education funding is to end up being a lawmaker.Last week, teachers

from across the state tossed their hats into the political ring in hopes of replacing the very lawmakers who did them incorrect. It sounds like a Lifetime

movie sequel in the making!But winning an election isn’t as easy as the made-for-TV films make it appear. In hopes of helping instructors to get some sweet, sweet revenge, I have put together a guide for browsing the Oklahoma political world. Here is your main TLO guide for running a successful campaign for office!Have a factor

for running

Having a strong platform based upon your own individual values will not only show voters that you are a candidate with compound, but it will likewise encourage you to maintain the effort. So put in the time to decide if you’re running to increase education funding, provide a helping hand to small companies across the city, or secure a sweet Devon Energy task after you serve your 12 years.

— Be a

straight Christian male

It’s worked well for about 80% of our elected officials up until now, anyway.

— Get


Let’s face it, loan talks. While the American dream desires us to believe that candidates are elected based on values, experience, and a complete head of hair, the truth is that having money is often more crucial than having any real skill. Having money suggests you can purchase ads, mailers, and radio airtime in hopes of making your name and unsightly mug as familiar to citizens as possible. Be sure to put work into project fundraising. Otherwise the only place citizens will see your name is on the town’s water tower where your ex called you a slut in green spray paint back in 1984.

— Maintain your image Generally, just don’t be a sex transgressor. The legislators who disregarded this guidance have actually all since resigned or been secured in jail.– Print some sweet merch When considering


image you wish to represent

in your project, you not just desire a logo and tag line that summarizes your campaign in the catchiest method possible. You also desire a design that prospective citizens will wish to represent. Aside from being pro-marijuana, pro-tiger, and anti-chest hair, I have no concept what Joe Exotic’s political platform consists of. However you wager your sweet ass I would put his “Vote Joe F * cking Unique”sign in my front lawn if only to piss off my next door next-door neighbors.– Prevent This Lady Is there a more out of favor political leader in Oklahoma?– Associate with your prospective constituents Voters

want a prospect whom they view as relatable. So while on

the campaign path, ensure to share personal anecdotes that offer the

impression that you’re an average Oklahoman. While in Norman, recall memories of paying attention to OU video games on the radio with your granddad. Inform Pauls Valley voters about the time you went noodling and nearly lost your wedding ring. Share with Sayre homeowners your Uncle Tony’s own personal meth dish. Keep in mind, relating to constituents is important.– Practice your insane noise bites You might have spent weeks preparing your significant 10 minutes speech on cutting wasteful pork barrel costs. All the local media will take from your spiel is the 12 second sound bite that insinuates that you think the VFW’s new memorial can

burn in hell.– Separate yourself from your challengers When running for workplace, it is inadequate to have a solid set of ideas and foolproof strategies to enact modifications that will better the lives of your constituents. You likewise have to prove that you’re different from the other candidates. What if both you and your opponent are signed up republican gun nuts

locked firmly on each teat of the oil overlords? When speaking about the other prospect, point out how different you are, no matter how small it might seem. Like, for instance, he’s a Methodist and you’re a Baptist, or he’s a sex transgressor while you’re known for domestic violence.– Get an advertisement or more with TLO I’m simply stating, David Holt almost owned TLO for a strong two weeks and was elected mayor of OKC.– Hayley when ran an effective project for student council president. You should follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek