Wooden Pallet Craft: How to Make a Garden Grow Box

It is almost summertime! I had every intention of starting my garden a month back, however with the abnormally low temperature levels in my area this year, we are recently completing it. But it was absolutely worth the wait. My husband decided to use some old pallets that we had laying around to make a garden grow box. This conserved us a lots of time and raised our garden to the best height.Garden Grow Box

Here are the instructions on the best ways to make a garden grow box from pallets. I’m very delighted with how they turned out!Materials Needed 6 wooden pallets (this might vary depending on

the size of your grow box

  • ) 20 wood stakes 3/4 inch wood for filler pieces 8-2×4’s 50 -1 1/2 inch wood screws 50
  • -3-inch wood screws Black or grey weed control fabric Dirt Directions 1. Cut pallets to desired lengths. We utilized 2 longer pallets
  • and cut them in half to make
  • the sides of our box. We used 2 much shorter pallets for completions

. We cut the end

pallets so they fit perfectly inside the side pallets.2. Cut stakes to preferred length and utilize the stakes to support the cage posts. Pound the stakes into the ground and then

utilize the 1 1/ 2 inch screws to drill the stakes into the cage.3. Fill out the spaces of the pallet with 3/4th inch wood and screw into place.

Make sure the sides of the garden box are entirely enclosed.4. Put the landscaping cover material on the ground and sides of your garden boxes.

This will not just keep weeds from getting into your box, but will also keep the dirt from going out through the cracks.5. Bring the black landscaping cover over the sides of the grow boxes and put 2x4x8 pieces of wood on the

leading to finish package. Screw these pieces of wood on the top to keep the black cover in location as well as to offer it a strong finish edge to sit on.6. Trim the black tarpaulin on the side so it is flush with the edges.7. Fill the garden boxes with dirt.8.

Top the garden boxes with Nutra Mulch. Mix the mulch in with the top 2-4 inches of dirt.9.

Put in your plants. I started my garden so late, that I decided to utilize plants that were already fairly big. This will save me a couple of weeks of grow time.This was such a fun household task. We completed it together in one weekend.

Now we will anxiously await our veggies to begin producing tasty food. I can’t wait!Do you have any innovative methods to utilize pallets?The post Wooden Pallet Craft:

Ways to Make a Garden Grow Box appeared initially on Mom it Forward.

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