The best ways to fix grayed out disabled apps on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TELEVISION Stick

Ways to fix grayed out disabled apps on the Amazon Fire TV or Fire TELEVISION Stick

The newest Fire TELEVISION software application update appears to have a bug that causes apps, particularly sideloaded apps, to be grayed out and handicapped on the Fire TELEVISION house screen. Attempting to access a gray app leads to the message “This app is not connected with your Amazon account” appearing. It’s uncertain why this is taking place, but it likely has to do with modifications the changes made to the apps row that allows Amazon Channels to appear. Thankfully, if you run into this concern, the fix is very easy.

To repair the issue, you need to first attempt syncing Amazon content. This is done by going to the Fire TV’s Settings screen, scrolling all the way to the right, selecting “My Account,” and after that picking the “Sync Amazon Material” choice. A lot of individuals experiencing the gray app issue state doing this sufficed to fix the issue.When an app developer uploads their app to the Amazon appstore, they have the alternative to enable DRM to protect their app from being pirated. The Fire TELEVISION checks to see if the apps you have actually installed have been bought, whether totally free or with loan, using the Amazon account currently being utilized with the Fire TELEVISION. If there is no record of the Amazon account buying an app secured by DRM, the app will be grayed out. It appears as though the software upgraded triggers the account details to become out of sync for some individuals, which causes apps to incorrectly be handicapped. Forcing a sync fixes the issue.If requiring an account sync doesn’t repair the issue, you need to try clearing the data and cache of the Appstore system app. This is done by going to the Fire TV’s Settings location, picking”Applications, “picking “Handle Installed Applications” at the bottom, selecting the “Appstore” app, and then choosing both the “Clear information” and “Clear cache” alternatives. You ought to likewise pick “Force stop” while you exist to ensure the system app reboots from a fresh state.When you go back to the Fire TELEVISION house screen you might see a blank apps row. Await it to reload. If numerous minutes have actually passed and your apps row hasn’t returned, or the apps are still grey, head back to settings and perform a sync as soon as again. It’s likewise not a bad concept to reboot your Fire TELEVISION after doing whatever.4 remarks Charlie says: I do not appear to ever be in the quick

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    stumbled upon this post because I sent an email(by means of the [email protected])about 4 weeks ago asking about this specific very same issue. I’m believing it happened even before the

    newest OS update from Amazon. It occurs from time to time on both my 1st gen Fire TELEVISION Box & Second gen Fire TV Stick. It is fixed(for me)by not just syncing the Amazon Purchases but also by force stopping the Appstore, then clearing its cache & information. This only lasts for a few days however and & then somehow I’m back to the very same grayed-out logo designs. I’m hoping it’s a software application problem on the Amazon end and not something even worse. PS: as for the DroidAdmin app, I & suspected that it would be bothersome eventually, along with the FireDL app which has likewise become a treasure-trove for the piracy market. Stay with the DownLoader App and you ‘d be fine folks
    . Thanks for all the work you do on this site, I actually appreciate it.