A Six-Part List for Churches: Ways To Select Mission Partners

If you’re a ministry leader, you likely get the demand often. It’s a reasonable– and often legitimate– demand. A lot of church leaders field a lot of demands from ministries desiring to be objective partners. I cannot blame them. If you believe in your ministry, then you must desire as numerous mission partners as possible. Churches are often the very first place individuals seek assistance, and I understand the desire to raise a great deal of support.The Internet

age makes it much easier for independent missions, movements, and ministries to raise funding, in addition to gain access to the decision-makers in churches. Independent works are on the rise. Anticipate these types of demands to continue and to increase in number.How do you start to pick an objective partner with numerous out there? Exactly what do you say when you’re swamped with requests? I’ve produced a six-part list to assist our church start the choice process.We start by answering 3 questions.Can we put boots on the ground? Unless we can really send our people to the

  • field, then we hesitate to form a partnership.Can we form a long-lasting collaboration? While a one-time, one-week journey may be genuine, we prefer to form collaborations that last years, if not generations.Can we money them? We desire to send our people and our loan. We want to be invested both ways.If we can answer each of these concerns
  • affirmatively, we then request three products from the potential objective partner if we want to continue the procedure. These items are requirements. If a prospective mission partner can not supply these products, we will not form a partnership.Doctrine. The first requirement(and in my view the most crucial), is an official doctrinal statement. If a group can not inform you exactly what they believe, then you have no company partnering with them. Some churches might want narrow doctrinal
  • parameters. Our church has more comprehensive doctrinal criteria( we partner with individuals beyond our denomination). Nevertheless, I should understand exactly what you think before I ask my church to send individuals, loan, and time to support your work.Vision. The 2nd requirement is a vision statement or some written document that information the future work of the ministry. If a group can not inform you where they are going, then you shouldn’t get on board.Financial Practicality. The 3rd requirement is monetary statements. Naturally, some organizations are little. However
  • they should still reveal you something that reveals their financial viability. If a large company is not prepared to send you fundamental financial statements(a minimum of an income statement), then they are concealing something.
  • Do not partner with them.In my experience, the very best mission partners aspire to share these three requirements. Why? Exactly what they think drives their objective. Their vision huges and thrills them. And they have absolutely nothing to hide financially.While this six-part checklist is not comprehensive, it’s a method to filter the large bulk of requests that come your method, and you can eliminate most requests without sounding severe with
  • a quick “no.”It will likewise help highlight those ministries that are the very best suitable for your congregation.