How to Include Several Assistance Files (Intermediate).

Tuesday’s Tips provide quick how-to’s to assist you discover how to use the Tradition Family Tree software with brand-new tricks and techniques.How to Add Numerous Help Files (Intermediate)We have many users that are multilingual

and they turn Legacy backward and forward in between languages as needed( Options > Select Language). There is an additional > feature that our multilingual users may discover helpful that a lot of users do not know exists. You can include multiple Aid Files to Tradition in various languages.All you need to do is set up each language variation that you want. You can do this using the free Requirement Edition of Legacy or Legacy Deluxe. When you set up another language variation over what you have, the only thing that will be set up is what is missing which is the Help File.I generally use the English version however I also set up the German version because I am bilingual.

A new icon amazingly appears on the Assistance Toolbar. If I click the brand-new icon I will get a dialog box permitting me to chose which language I wish to use. I do not have to do this each time, only when I want to switch.You can see which languages are readily available HERE. CAUTION! WARNING! WARNING!I know that there will be individuals that have actually never ever switched Legacy from one language to another that will attempt it out after reading this article. Thereis one thing that you have to beconscious of. If you have personalized your event sentences you will lose your custom-made sentences when you switch. Exactly what you have to do is make a backup before you switch, do what you have to perform in the other language, change back, then restore your backup. If you are bilingual, I would like for you to comment which languages you use with Legacy.For video tech tips have a look at the Legacy Quick Tips page. These brief videos will make it easy for you to learn all sort of

enjoyable and fascinating ways to look at your genealogy research.Michele Simmons Lewis,CG ® belongs to the Legacy Ancestral tree team at MyHeritage. She manages the enhancement suggestions that been available in from our users in addition to composing for

Tradition News. You can generally find her hanging out on the Tradition User Group Facebook page responding to concerns and publishing tips.