How to ‘Use’ Black– Negin Mirsalehi

Ways to ‘Use’ Black

Cannot go incorrect with a total black appearance? It’s Wednesday morning and both Maurits and I just went to the Facebook conference, where we were asked to do something unique. We had the chance to share our story, about how it all began and what we have actually achieved up until now. It makes me so happy to share these stories. Especially, considering that we get so much positive feedback from the audience. We might most likely talk for hours about exactly what we do (that’s how passionate we are), and I think that a great deal of people in the audience don’t understand just how much work goes behind all of it. We like these events to be extremely interactive where individuals from the audience can ask us questions all the time. It’s amazing how numerous individuals need to know more about what we’re doing and producing together.

Today it’s everything about this look, which was a very photogenic clothing thanks to the coat that was flowing with the wind. We found a backdrop that included some color in these images, which ended up being truly autumnal thanks to the dark green, light yellow and brown tones. We had a fun time shooting this look in Amsterdam!

I’m a huge fan of going black from head to toe– providing that you’re blending up the products. That’s why I decided to integrate a woolen sweatshirt, mesh skirt, and a long coat constructed out of a soft and light material. I selected bouncy curls, a beanie and my battle boots, which added something effortless and edgy to the appearance.

You men understand how much I like searching on the web to acquire inspiration? That’s actually how our story began anyway. During among those browsing sessions I found a new platform which I couldn’t wait to show you. It’s called WEAR: a shoppable lookbook filled with designs created by the community, where you can find appearances from worldwide trendsetters and leading brand names. What I particularly loved about WEAR is how it brings together the very best fashion choice, so you can directly see where to purchase the items. You’ll find this whole outfit on my profile here(I included a screenshot listed below). Are you going to take part of the neighborhood as well? You can sign up by downloading the app. Want to see you there!

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