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Splash News Individuals are Fat Shaming Kanye West On Twitter and It Have To Stop

Can we just leave Kanye alone?

by post-election, ranting about Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and leaving the phase after simply 3 songs. The rapper was < a href= target= _ blank > hospitalized "for his own health and security."He was hospitalized for tension and fatigue after his doctor called 911, and agreed to go to the hospital to be assessed. I should explain that it is literally none of our company what the result of that< a href= target=_ blank > hospitalization was. West was plainly suffering from health issues and required the time to rest. Given that then, we haven't seen Kanye out and about-- not even with Kim and the kids. You practically wouldn't understand that you haven't seen him. Kim keeps a large social networks presence, we see lots of images and videos of their kids, plus there are those reports that they're seeking to have a 3rd child by means of surrogate. When Kanye stepped out in LA the other day, people saw a change in his look. And rather than, oh, I do not understand . leaving it alone? Being glad Kanye is prepared to step

back into the spotlight? They took that as a hint to start fat shaming the 40-year-old. Here are a couple of examples: But why did I see guy boobs forming? And take a look at his admit it's chubbier in addition to his legs, thighs to be precise I miss the old Kanye/ the not-quite-as-rolled Kanye/ consumes his veggies when told Kanye/ the calorically managed Kanye!.?.!kanye constructed like a papa who compromised everything to offer his family but lacks the ability to open & emotionally connect w/his kids!.?.!Here's the important things: Kanye West put on weight. Kanye West is a star. You do not get to make fun of Kanye West for getting weight even if he is a celeb. I indicate, honestly, you shouldn't be making

remarks about anyone's body( not your body, not your issue)however I digress." But it's all in great enjoyable,"you say, typing a joke inserting the word"fat "into a Kanye song title. I'm here to tell you that it isn't. Fat shaming is wrong. Period. Often we see celeb ladies speaking up about the unfair standards that we have location on others, however we seldom see examples of fat shaming taking place to men. As a woman, it's something that I honestly had not thought about. There are pressures on males to look a specific method, too, and they should not be ignored.Robert Kardashian has had to deal with his fair share of haters, too. Rob had been really open about dealing with anxiety, and individuals still manage to take jabs at him. Simply a few days ago, every other media outlet reported that Rob went to get pretzels after settling the domestic violence dispute with Blac Chyna. Mainly, I just question ... why? Why do we care that a grown human gettinged a pretzel? Would you care as much if it was amore traditionally attractive, physically fit male? If Zac Efron got a pretzel, it's not news, it's a guy tryna devour on a salty snack. If Rob gets a pretzel, he's consuming the pain away. When he includes mustard, it's a cry for help. Lord, save us all. Individuals are roasting & fat shaming Kanye West, but y' all missing out on the bigger image. This is the most we've seen Kanye West smile in years.Mostly, though, it's jarring to see people blatantly ignore the fact that Kanye has been looking after himself, doing exactly what's finest for his mental health, and living life in such a way that keeps him healthy. "However, wait ..." you whimper,"Isn't him getting fat the opposite of him keeping himself healthy?"Are you Kanye's doctor? If you

're not, I'm going to need you to sit down and listen real carefully: Health is not identified by weight. You cannot see heart disease, you can't see diabetes, you cannot see

exactly what is going on within of this grown male's body. You're not worried, you're offended. Angered that a celebrity put on weight. So prior to you pretend his health has anything to do with his weight gain, I would nicely advise you that it could be the result of West complying to medications that can trigger weight gain. Or, it could be(when again )none of our damn business.Mental health is simply as, if not more crucial than physical health. It's time for us to understand that. Kanye West talks about his favorite parts of fashion and music in this VH1 Vintage video.


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Splash News Individuals are Fat Shaming Kanye West On Twitter and It Have To Stop Can we just leave Kanye alone? by post-election, ranting about Jay-Z and Beyoncé, and leaving the phase after simply 3 songs. The rapper was < a href= target= _...